Sitting up straight gets tiring over time and so having an appropriate back support is important. By leaning backwards into a back support it takes pressure off the spinal muscles and eases tension. 

Different chairs have different lengths of back support depending on personal preference and function. Some come up only to the mid back, some to the shoulder blades and others up to the shoulders.

Lumbar support

The low back has an mild inward curvature to it that is important to maintain a healthy spine. Losing the curve for short periods is not a problem, but prolonged periods may lead to tension and pain.  
A chair-back with a lumbar support is useful to help maintain the spine’s alignment.
Ensure the lumbar support is placed in the correct position by adjusting the height of the lumbar support.

What if your chair has no lumbar support?

‘Contour lumbar cushions’ are widely available on the market and work very well. Be sure it is not too big by over exaggerating the lumbar curve too much.

Shown: Relax The Back(R) Contour Lumbar Cushion

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