DOCUMENT HOLDERS

Document holders are devices that help reduce the need for looking down at the desk surface. Repetitive neck bending can increase muscle tension and cause pain.

Shown: The Human Solution® - Bakker Elkhuizn Q-doc 515 Document Holder.

Depending on the volume of paper, or whether documents are used as regular referencing should decide on the design of the holder.

Placement should be in front or close to the side of the monitor as possible, so not to cause excessive head turning or bending.

Shown: Aidata, View-Adjust Rotary Reference Organizer

This holder is very small and has a groove that only holds a few sheets of paper. It places a slight bend in the paper preventing the paper falling over.  Excellent for limited desk space.

This holder is more of a clipboard design.
Shown: The Human Solution® 3M Desktop Document Holder DH340MB

This holder holds documents such as books to read easily without having it flat on the desk surface. Shown: Ergoware™ Rite-In-Line Document Holder

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