Laptops or "notebook computers" were originally designed as a temporary solution. The idea was to use them as a short term replacement for the business person while traveling. As computer design improved, the use of a laptop became the primary computer for many individuals.

Today, it is quite common to discover that the laptop computer is an individual's only computer. Little attention has been paid to worker safety when using a laptop and greater attention has been directed towards size and improved portability. Regular or frequent use of a laptop computer may result in placing a worker in awkward postures resulting in strain on the user's neck/back, shoulders and arms.

While the laptop computer may be a good choice for many people, the use of a laptop computer can pose potential ergonomic risks to intensive users. Laptops are difficult to set up properly so that they are ergonomically correct. The keyboard is small versus a standard size keyboard and places a worker's hands and wrists in awkward positions.

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