Most of us are aware of correct lifting techniques and yet as a population we still seem to injure ourselves regularly despite our knowledge. The whole idea is to use the most powerful muscles including the thigh (quadriceps) and butt (gluteals).
  • For larger or heavier objects squat down, as close to the object as possible.
  • Get a good grip and use your thighs when lifting, trying to keep the object close to the body when standing. 
  • Keep feet comfortably apart and move feet instead of twisting your back. 
  • Stand up keeping your back as straight as possible.

Rule #1 – Don’t lift too much!! Even the best lifting techniques will not save you! We tend to do this when we are trying to save time. Lighten the load and make more trips, get help if possible - split the load to make it lighter or use a device that is made to carry the object.

Rule #2 – Be aware of potentially risky positions. Let’s get real - we all know that life is not so simple, objects are not always easy to handle or placed in the best location e.g. getting wet clothes out of a front-load washer, reaching over other items, or heavy box off the top shelf. Take a moment to think about it!!!

Rule #3 - Get a grip! Without a good grip you do not have good control. If that means wearing special gloves or simply washing hands then it is a good idea. Conversely wearing poor gloves tend to make you grip even harder, so it increases tension and fatigue.

Rule #4 – If possible push rather than pull. It tends to be easier (and safer) because we are using the bigger, more powerful muscle groups.

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