If placement of the keyboard in the correct position is not enough to be comfortable, a change in the design may be necessary.

Like finding a good, comfortable pair of shoes, a keyboard should feel unrestricted.
There are thousands of designs of keyboards with claims to various ergonomic benefits,  however a keyboard that fits comfortably is ergonomically sufficient.   Shown: Adesso® AKB-210
Personal preference may be all that is necessary; what feels comfortable for one may be uncomfortable to another. So it is important to have tried a variety of keyboards.

Going to large stores that display the various designs is probably the best way to narrow down the field, however they tend only to display a select few. The internet may be a good way of finding what you may be looking for, however it is hard to know exactly what you are getting. Be sure they have a good return policy!  Shown: Kinesis® Freestyle 2

Points to Consider When Looking at a New Keyboard

Wrists pain is one of the most common symptoms of prolonged keyboard use. Having sustained ‘ulnar deviation’ may contribute to problems. Keyboards that are shaped to reduce the angle at the wrist may be helpful.

Shown:                                Microsoft® Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard
                               Adesso® Tru-Form 150
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