Numeric Keypad

Do you use the numeric keypad?
If not, then get a keyboard without one.  This brings the mouse closer and reduces the risks of shoulder injury.
Shown: Microsoft® Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and Microsoft Arc Keyboard

If you do use the keypad but not very often, then you can get a keyboard without one attached, and then have one separate for when you do need to use it.
Shown: Microsoft® Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop (includes mouse).

Key Type

The tactile feel of the keys influences the way we type, and again is a personal preference.

Traditional ‘mechanical-switch’ keys are still available. These type of keys are what the earlier keyboards used and require a larger movement of key depression.

More modern keyboards are slimmer and keys have a lower profile. This was born from the keyboards originally made for laptop/notebook type computers. They use less key depression.

Shown: Smartfish Technologies Pro:Motion
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