Although it is a good habit to squat or lunge down to pick up light objects (by keeping those muscles in shape), a golfer’s lift may be all that is needed. This places very little pressure and risk on the spine.
Remember however with regard to muscles – use them or lose them!

It’s not just the back that gets injured. The shoulders are also commonly hurt when lifting. Reaching to a top shelf for a heavy box, or something in the back seat of a car - placing the shoulder at a 'mechanical disadvantage' happens frequently.  Injuries can happen suddenly and may be avoided if you take an extra moment to position yourself better!

  • If possible, place the heaviest objects (or most frequently used items) on a shelf close to waist height. By reducing the need to bend or reach, it simply minimizes the risk of injury.
  • Keep a step-ladder, or dolly close by for easy use.
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