A computer keyboard is an input device that comes in a variety of shapes and styles. The evolution of keyboards has remained relatively unchanged for over 30 years.  In older typewriters, the mechanical movements of each key had to be separated to prevent colliding and so the need for the keys to be offset.

When the computer keyboards were designed they copied the typewriters layout to avoid the need for professionals to relearn, helping maintain productivity—even though electronics eliminated the need for the original design.

As computers software developed and helped more in terms of productivity, the use of the number keys changed. Instead of just having a row or numbers placed above the alphabetical keys, now a numeric keypad was attached on the right hand side.

Although the keyboard itself was not of significantly poor ergonomic design, the amount of time people started using them increased. Adding the addition of the mouse further stresses and may have made matters worse.

With computer software being designed for virtually all forms of work, and having multiple programs on computers, the office worker is likely to use keyboards for longer periods of time than before.

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