Text Neck

                                                   TEXT NECK

Text Neck is a term used to describe symptoms associated with frequent and prolonged use of cell phones and tablets. Symptoms usually include pain and stiffness of the neck and/or across the shoulders .

With increased popularity of smartphones and the convenience of texting, watching videos and other activities, individuals are finding themselves in a more sustained forward head posture.

To help avoid Text Neck, like all posture related symptoms, self awareness and good postural habits are needed.
Elevating the cell phone, and reducing the forward head posture will help minimize symptoms. Warning: arms get tired quickly so unless they are supported you may find yourself reverting back to the previous posture.
  • Listen to the body - if you notice symptoms starting, put the phone down, straighten up (see Posture).
  • Reduce the length of time and/or frequency looking down at the phone. If possible prop the phone up on something higher.
  • Stretch (see Exercises).

If symptoms persist and become and debilitating seek medical attention.

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