WORKSTATION SETUP

Chair and Desk Height

The chair and desk height ought to be relative to the size and shape of the individual. Ideally when sitting the feet should be flat on the ground with the thighs supported. This distributes body weight and pressure evenly throughout the legs and feet. This position also helps maintain good spinal alignment.

Sitting with the seat too low increases pressure on the buttocks and leads the pelvis to be rotated backwards. This causes the lumbar spine to flatten out and may over time cause back pain. 
Sitting with the chair too high lifts the feet off the ground and causes an increase in pressure on the thighs and at the edge of the seat (behind the knee).

Usually a person will compensate by sliding the buttocks forward to allow the feet to be on the ground. This posture tends to tilt the pelvis forward and arches the spine. This posture increases pressure on the buttocks and may over time cause discomfort.

As many people nowadays have height adjustable chairs this can easily be corrected. However if the height of the desk cannot be changed, sometimes (usually with shorter individuals) the chair needs to be higher to allow normal tasks to be done.
If this is the case a foot stool would need to be placed under then feet. This keeps the thigh pressure distributed better and the spine in more ideal alignment.

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