WORKSITE EVALUATION

A work-site evaluation will have a trained ergonomic specialist from the physical therapy department come to the work area and perform a comprehensive assessment. The setting, number of workers involved, and general complexity of the working environment determines how long the evaluation will take. Office type settings usually take no more than an hour for individuals, plus additional time to research and produce an evaluation with suggested recommendations.

The employee and the supervisor will get a copy of the evaluation, unless the evaluation was performed on a department in general, where the supervisor will only get a copy.
The physical therapy department takes no responsibility for enforcing any changes recommended, and is the responsibility of the individual and supervisor to decide whether to act on given recommendations.  

Read and complete the PDF and print/fax the form, send through inter-office mail or email the form. Once received, the employee and/or supervisor will be contacted to set up an appointment. Please allow 1-2 days for processing.

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