When at a desk we can all get easily distracted with work and our posture usually is completely forgotten and is the first step in developing habits that are unhealthy.

Obviously knowing what to do is essential but awareness when to do it is just as important.

In this day and age we can use technology to our advantage! From hardware to simple programs, increasing our own positional awareness is the first step towards helping ourselves avoid muscle strains, repetitive strain disorders and long term adaptive issues.

Below are a few examples.
A background program that monitors your keyboard and mouse usage and displays unobtrusive reminders to have breaks. With comprehensive options to vary personal preferences from having small balloon ‘pop-ups’ in the corner of screen to locking up your keyboard/mouse to force you to rest! Free trial 45 days.

Big Stretch Reminder

A simple and free background timer that gives you what you need to remind yourself of posture or getting up for a break.

Repeat Timer            
Simple but effective interval timer—works in background, vibration mode too.  Free or $2.99 Pro

Repeat Timer LP    
Simple, intuitive, clean.  Only works when open.

Repeat Timer

Web-Browser Based Timer

Do not want to download a program/app? No problem, try this simple web-browser timer. Save it to your favorites!       
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