COMMON INJURIES

This website was designed to help individuals with information in regard to the current ‘best practices’ on self awareness, good postural habits, workstation set-up and available ergonomic equipment.

By incorporating the advice it is hoped that the risk of simple, preventable injuries will be minimized, and that if an injury does occur proper work procedures are followed.

Back and Neck Muscle Strain

Usually caused by overstressed muscles after adopting a poor posture from long periods in a sustained, static position, i.e. sitting at a desk, texting on a phone (text neck)

By moving more regularly and adjusting workstation equipment, most symptoms can be minimized.

Posterior Shoulder Strain

Closely associated with neck strain, this is usually caused by poor positioning of desktop equipment, or chair/desk height.

Anterior Shoulder Pain

Usually associated with reaching, particularly for the mouse. Having the mouse placed either too far in front or to the side stresses the front deltoid muscle and/or the bicep tendon.

Wrist/Hand Pain

Most commonly Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but also includes other tendon irritations. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the irritation of the median nerve in the wrist causing pain, and at times, numbness into the hand. This may be caused by simple pressure of the wrist on the desk/keyboard while typing. Repetitive, regular use over time may cause cumulative damage and eventually symptoms.

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