Adjustable height desks are certainly the best way to go. Just like adjustable chairs, desk height needs to be altered to accommodate the individual's size. These desks generally adjust by a crank, pneumatic or electric motor systems, and vary in price. For further info click here

In addition, some modern work desks can be elevated to a height where most people can stand.  This is the best of both worlds as sitting in a chair for long periods (whether an ergonomic chair or not) is not recommended. Shown:  DynamiQ Desk by Avteq®

Alternative to Standing Desks

New products are being created to help in office ergonomics. A cheaper alternative to purchasing a new desk can be added to the desktop to help standing options.

Shown:  Varidesk® Single Plus with Keyboard Lift

Shown: Ergotron® WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

Desks designed with wide open spaces underneath are ideal. Avoid drawers, and structures that restrict easy swiveling of the chair without bumping the legs.

Leg space is often associated with cramped airplanes or the back seat in cars, however sitting at your desk for long periods is just as much an issue.

We forget that the space underneath the desk (away from view) is important. Individuals like to clutter up this area. Avoid placing the computer CPU in this area and other items, including trash bins, spare set of shoes, purses, space heaters etc. The only thing in this area should be your legs and possibly a foot rest. If your legs are restricted then your posture will be forced to adapt due to movement limitations

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